Lendlease carbon neutral construction set to reshape industry

  • 3 Dec 2019
Lendlease’s building arm achieved its carbon neutral status by adopting low carbon building practices and offsetting the remaining FY19 construction emissions, reported under the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting act. The offsets have provided the company with an immediate way to act on climate change, while it works towards completely removing emissions from its construction activities in the longer-term.    

As part of the company’s global commitment to climate action, Lendlease employees were asked to vote on the offset projects used to achieve the milestone. A portfolio of certified carbon reduction projects supporting the Great Barrier Reef received overwhelming support, as well as renewable energy and cooking stove projects in Asia.  

In addition to offering a carbon neutral construction service, Lendlease is committed to tackling scope 3 emissions resulting from the manufacture of building materials. Though not in the direct control of construction companies, ‘embodied carbon’ emissions are responsible for around 10 per cent of the world’s emissions and addressing them, by working with the supply chain to advance low-carbon material uptake and innovation, is a critical step in decarbonising construction. 

The purchase of offsets completes step two of four in Lendlease’s de-carbonisation  strategy: 
1. Refreshing site sustainability standards to focus on initiatives that directly reduce emissions   
2. Offsetting 100% of any remaining emissions from construction activity across all building sites in Australia   
3. Partnering with clients, suppliers and industry groups to lead the uptake of low embodied carbon materials  
4. Supporting supplier innovation in low carbon manufacturing techniques 

The commitment to decarbonise construction is part of Lendlease’s global focus on climate action, with almost 50 assets under management having signed zero carbon commitments and company reporting in accordance with the Taskforce on Climate-Related Financial Disclosure (TCFD) framework since 2018. 

Quotes attributable to Dale Connor, CEO Building, Lendlease  

“Lendlease has a long-held the view that truly great places should deliver positive environmental and social outcomes, alongside financial value.  

“In response to the pressure climate change has on our planet and people, our Australian Building business has very recently become one of Australia’s first carbon neutral constructors. This is something I’m incredibly proud of.”    

Quotes attributed to Ann Austin, Head of Sustainability, Building, Lendlease 

“There is sometimes concern that offsetting is the ‘easy way out’ and that effort should be spent trying to eliminate emissions rather than offset them. However, it’s important to acknowledge third party certified offsets are an important interim step in addressing climate change.  

“Offsets provide a way to take immediate action to slow climate change, while solutions to completely remove emissions directly from our construction activities are progressed. Well selected offsets make a real and measured impact on reducing climate change that would otherwise not occur.”   


For more information please contact: 
Jay Pleass 
National Manager External Affairs 
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