Lendlease lends support to community relief efforts for COVID-19 across Asia

  • 13 Apr 2020
  • In affirmation of its commitment to build and support resilient communities across Asia, Lendlease is providing targeted assistance to COVID-19 relief 
    efforts for communities across Singapore, China, Japan and Malaysia. 
  • In Singapore, Lendlease is supporting Community Foundation of Singapore and partnering local community organisations such as Tembusu Senior Activity Centre with South East Community Development Centre (CDC) and Geylang Serai Community Club located in the Paya Lebar precinct, where it has  established strong community ties through its PLQ development. 

  • Lendlease Malaysia in collaboration with local community partners donated hand sanitisers to frontline police officers in Kuala Lumpur enforcing the Movement Control Order and provided food and beverage products to healthcare workers at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Lendlease Malaysia also donated 2,000 pairs of surgical gloves, blood pressure monitors and infrared thermoscan thermometers to local hospitals. Its property management team at Setia City Mall also conducted a range of personal hygiene and immunity boosting workshops and handed out hand sanitisers to shoppers. 

  • In support of its long-term NPO (non-profit organisations) partners in Japan, Lendlease will make financial contributions to the Family House and Second Harvest Japan to fund the preparation and distribution of COVID-19 Relief Packs, as well as to cover the costs of cleaning equipment at Family House to accommodate families of children with chronic life-threatening and life-
    shortening illnesses.

  • To assist in the post-pandemic community recovery in Qingpu, China – where its senior living project Ardor Gardens is located – Lendlease will contribute S$50,000 towards local community relief efforts in the short-term and capacity building support in the mid- and long-term. 

Singapore, 14 April 2020 – In affirmation of its long-held commitment to build and  support resilient communities across Asia, Lendlease is lending support to community relief efforts around COVID-19 with targeted support packages for Singapore, China, Japan and Malaysia. 

With established roots in each of these cities in Asia, Lendlease is partnering with local community associations to offer a broad range of immediate, mid- to long-term relief measures and capacity building support for post-pandemic recovery and enhancement of community resilience.

Lendlease’s CEO Asia, Mr Tony Lombardo, said, “Lendlease places strong emphasis on our culture of care, focusing on the safety, health and well-being of the people in our communities. In the face of what the World Health Organisation has now declared a pandemic, we are committed to banding together with our community partners to build societal resilience and emerge stronger than ever through these challenging times.”

“COVID-19 has affected many on the frontline including selfless healthcare professionals, home care nurses and those in community centers, nursing homes and shelters. This is a trying time for many vulnerable groups impacted and we need to make every effort to expedite their return to a normal daily life. We hope that our initiatives and contributions will offer relief and comfort to those affected, all of which would not be possible without Lendlease’s partners within the region.”

Dr Maliki Osman, Mayor, South East Community Development Council (CDC), Singapore, commented: “During this global pandemic, people’s lives are disrupted in many aspects due to the coronavirus. It is heartening to see business partners such as Lendlease and Junior Chamber International Mandarin (JCI Mandarin Singapore) stepping forward and organise themselves to aid the vulnerable in our community. As the government implement measures to contain the spread of the virus, it is important for everyone to practise good personal hygiene, exercise social responsibility and to look out for one another in the community. At South East CDC, we urge our business partners to extend a helping hand, and I look forward to us winning this battle against the virus together as one united Singapore.” 
Mr LV Zhao, founder of NPI(恩派), a NGO dedicated to community development  in China commented: “We firmly believe that the community plays a significant role in responding to the public health crisis from the COVID-19 outbreak, getting people back to normal life and supporting post-pandemic recovery in the long term. We are working together with various parties to nurture the community spirit through our citizen volunteers, restore public confidence and community relations, enhance community social capital, and accelerate the building of community resilience to better prepare ourselves for any public health crisis in the future.”

The full details of each relief initiative by country is outlined below:


  • In support of The Sayang Sayang Fund established by the Community Foundation of Singapore for frontline healthcare workers and vulnerable communities, Lendlease and Lendlease Global Commercial REIT, through a dollar-for-dollar matching arrangement, and its employees raised about $14,888 collectively via the Giving.SG/SG United Portal. 
  • Lendlease has funded the procurement of 200 care packs that include hand sanitisers, hand wash and multi-purpose cleaners that were distributed to the beneficiaries of Tembusu Senior Activity Centre in partnership with South East CDC. 
  • In addition, 300 hand sanitisers were also donated to Geylang Serai Community  Club for distribution to the local community. 
  • Both associations are located in the Paya Lebar precinct, where Lendlease has established deep community ties through its PLQ development.

  • S$50,000 support initiative for local not-for-profit organisation, NPI (恩派), to support community relief efforts in the Qingpu area in Shanghai, where Lendlease’s senior living project Ardor Gardens is situated. 
  • The funds will go towards supporting immediate relief action such as the ongoing delivery of food and daily necessities to underprivileged affected families, as well as the mid-to long-term post-pandemic recovery efforts and capacity building support for the local community.

  • Over S$13,000 in donations to be made to local NPOs – Family House and Second Harvest (Tokyo) – to fund the procurement and distribution of COVID-19 relief packs (supplying anti-bacterial goods, hygiene masks, disposable gloves and aprons) as well as cleaning equipment for temporary accommodations at Family House to house the families of children with chronic life-threatening and life-shortening illnesses who have come from rural areas to large hospitals in Tokyo for their treatments.
  • With mask shortage situation persisting in Japan, Lendlease also donated 500 masks to each NPOs which were distributed to their employees.

  • In support of frontline police officers in Kuala Lumpur task with enforcing the Movement Control Order in place to curb the spread of COVID-19, Lendlease Malaysia teamed up with the Bukit Bintang Parliamentary office to distribute 200 hand sanitisers to help minimize their risk of infection in their course of work on a daily basis to keep the local community safe.
  • Lendlease in collaboration with independent social service organization Yayasan Nadi donated 5000 single-serve 3-in-1 beverage sachets and 500 noodle cups to healthcare workers at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Lendlease also donated 2,000 pairs of nitrile surgical gloves to Hospital Sungai Buloh. Hospital Kuala Lumpur and Sungai Buloh Hospital are two of the government hospitals in the Klang Valley treating COVID-19 patients.  
  • Lendlease’s property management team at Setia City Mall also handed out 400 hand sanitisers and conducted a range of personal hygiene and immunity boosting workshops for shoppers.


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