Lendlease builds female leadership at the top

  • 8 Jun 2020

Representation of women has already increased by six per cent across the whole business (from 29% to 35%) and by seven per cent in its Construction business (from 19% to 26%) since 2017. 

While Lendlease is keen to acknowledge the roles of everyone in its organisation, it knows a big challenge it faces is in getting more women into these senior roles.

The report discusses the steps taken so far and the work Lendlease will continue to carry out to close its gender pay gap. This includes: 

  • Training to reduce unconscious bias
  • Pushing recruiters to have inclusive shortlists
  • Consciously helping more women to be promoted within the business; and 
  • Creating several programmes designed to support employees with their individual needs.

Shaina Kotecha, Head of People and Culture at Lendlease Europe, said; “In recent years, our talent pool has been somewhat limited by the perception of the industry being predominantly male.

“To see long-term change and a cultural shift, we need more female representation at the top. Over the next 12 months our senior leaders will be doing all they can to increase representation in their areas.”

Notes to Editors

1. To read the report, click here.