Lendlease Debuts New Modular Bathroom System, H³ Wellness Hubs, for Construction Sites Across the Country

  • 21 Sep 2020

Lendlease, a global property and investment group, has launched a new product innovation, the H³ Wellness Hub, now available for purchase. H³ is a modular bathroom system that has been designed for superior mobility, installation and maintenance. It fits into a variety of built environments – specifically engineered to be lifted and hoisted vertically – and most importantly, will ultimately result in happier, more productive workers.

The way it stands right now, bathroom breaks on high-rise projects are an arduous process. Not only do these breaks sacrifice time and productivity, but it’s also frustrating for workers themselves, who have to spend long stretches of their workday unnecessarily going up and down the project site simply to use the bathroom. H³ Hubs solve these challenges with their ability to fit into tight spaces just below the top floor that is under construction. Users will experience the same comfort and features associated with permanent and stationary restroom facilities. Beyond convenience for its users, H³ upholds Lendlease's commitment to maintaining the health and well-being of workers at all times.

“Lendlease has always believed that respecting our workers and trade partners is an important part of fulfilling our vision to create the best places,” said Mike Fratianni, Lendlease’s managing director of construction for the Americas. “Therefore, it should come as little surprise that we think giving laborers the safest and most easily accessible space to answer the call of nature should be an essential element of any worker wellness program.”

H³ is manufactured by B&T Manufacturing, LLC in Rapid City, S.D., and designed to fit in a construction hoist or be lifted by a crane on even the most demanding projects. It provides an enclosed, climate-controlled space and connects directly to sanitation, fresh water and electrical utility risers, eliminating the traditional chemical port-o-johns. H³ also includes HVAC, hot water, natural lighting, and porcelain fixtures. Additionally, UV options are available for combating germs and bacteria. Now, more than ever, this is an important solution for keeping workers and their peers healthy.

Lendlease started rolling out H³ Hubs for its workers in November 2019 and they’re currently deployed to select Lendlease projects in San Francisco, New York City and Chicago. The Hubs are now available for public purchase directly from B&T Manufacturing for any commercial projects as well as industrial sites and events.


For additional information, contact:

Petula Lucey
Head of Corporate Affairs
212 592 6800

Tim Torpey
B&T Manufacturing, LLC
605 431 9952