Lendlease U.S. Multifamily ranked First for Resilience in U.S. across all Real Estate Sectors in GRESB

  • 23 Nov 2020
The resilience module in GRESB evaluates how real estate, infrastructure companies and funds are preparing for potentially disruptive events and changing conditions, assessing long-term trends and becoming more resilient over time. In 2018, Lendlease became a supporter of the Task Force for Climate-Related Financial Disclosures (TCFD) recommendations. As part of this process, Lendlease committed to disclosing its climate-related risks and opportunities under the TCFD framework.  

The Lendlease U.S. Multifamily portfolio represents a $2 billion investment partnership between Lendlease and Aware Super to develop and hold multifamily assets in U.S. gateway cities.

“Our approach to Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance (ESG) is critical to creating value for our communities and stakeholders,” said Lendlease Americas Managing Director of Property Jason Alderman. “The GRESB results are a great recognition of a strong entrance to this market for our Lendlease and Aware Super U.S. Multifamily portfolio.”

Lendlease U.S. Multifamily (developer) also ranked first among its peers in Americas Residential Multifamily (value-added category). Lendlease and Aware Super’s first asset as partners, The Cooper in Chicago, also entered the ranking with a four-star rating, and has been ranked fourth out of 16 in the Americas Residential Multifamily (core category). This is a testament to the ESG factors that have been integral to the development and management of the Multifamily portfolio.

“As Australia’s second largest profit-for-member pension fund, Aware Super strives to deliver strong, sustainable long-term investment returns while investing in ways that create a positive impact for our members and community,” said Aware Super Head of Income and Real Assets Damien Webb. “We know that sustainable businesses and assets will be more successful for our members in the long-term and are proud to be recognised as a leader in the Global ESG Benchmark for Real Estate Assets. We look forward to building on this great foundation and continuing to strengthen our ESG approach as we deliver our strategy with Lendlease.”

GRESB Assessments

Each year GRESB assesses and benchmarks the ESG performance of real assets worldwide. The GRESB Assessments are guided by what investors and the industry consider to be material issues in the sustainability performance of real asset investments and are aligned with international reporting frameworks, goals and emerging regulations.

The 2020 ESG benchmark covers more than US$5.3 trillion AuM (2019: 4.5 trillion), giving clarity and direction to the real asset investment market as a means to address complex sustainability challenges. GRESB data is used by hundreds of capital providers and thousands of asset managers to benchmark investments across portfolios and understand the opportunities, risks and choices that need to be made as the industry transitions to a more sustainable future. 

"With accelerating sustainability risks, accessing standardized and reliable ESG data and benchmarks has never been more important to investors,” said GRESB Co-Founder and Managing Director Sander Paul van Tongeren. “It’s inspiring to witness the collective industry effort from around the world to improve ESG transparency and advance sustainable real assets.”


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