Lendlease announces new leadership team

  • 9 Jun 2021

Mr Lombardo said, “Our strategy of focusing on the Development, Investments and Construction segments continues to be the right one for Lendlease. However, in order to more effectively harness Lendlease’s capabilities globally, we need to evolve our organisational structure to deliver greater consistency and efficiencies. 

“This will help us unlock the full potential of the Group’s $110 billion development pipeline, expand our investments platform – comprising $38 billion of funds and management and $28 billion of assets under management – and execute our construction work consistently in all markets.”

Structural changes:

    • Lendlease’s Australian operations will be consolidated and operate as one region. This will bring the Australian business in line with Lendlease’s other international operations. Dale Connor has been appointed to the position of Chief Executive Officer, Australia
    • Three new global roles will be created for the company’s Development, Construction and Investment activities that will be focused on setting consistency and establishing global standards across their respective product expertise. These new roles will be filled by:
      • David Hutton – Group Head of Development
      • Hans Dekker – Group Head of Construction
      • Kylie Rampa – Group Head of Investments
    • A new position of Global Chief Operating Officer will be introduced to lead operational consistency between Lendlease’s four operating regions – Australia, Europe, Americas and Asia, as well as driving strategic growth initiatives. This role will be filled by Denis Hickey, who will also retain his position as CEO Americas
    • CEO, Digital, Bill Ruh will continue to lead the digital transformation of Lendlease and its projects through data, advanced analytics and new technologies

“These changes will allow us to take the best we have globally – our platforms, product capability and learnings – and empower our four regions to outperform our competitors and set the standards to which others aspire. And we’ll do so with no compromise on our culture of care and people’s safety,” Mr Lombardo said.

Global Leadership Team

The new structure will result in several changes to the Group’s Global Leadership team:

    • Regional Businesses
      • Denis Hickey – Chief Operating Officer and CEO, Americas
      • Justin Gabbani – CEO, Asia
      • Dale Connor – CEO, Australia
      • Neil Martin – CEO, Europe
    • Product Expertise
      • David Hutton – Group Head of Development
      • Hans Dekker – Group Head of Construction
      • Kylie Rampa – Group Head of Investments
      • Bill Ruh – CEO, Digital
    • Enterprise Support
      • Simon Dixon1 – Chief Financial Officer
      • Frank Krile2  – Chief Risk Officer
      • Deborah Yates3  – Chief People Officer
      • Karen Pedersen – General Counsel
      • Luisa Megale – Group Head Corporate Affairs and Marketing


For more information
Stephen Ellaway
Executive General Manager
Corporate Communications
+61 417 851 287


1Commences 1 October 2021
2Commences 1 July 2021 and Acting Group CFO until 30 September 2021
3Commences 1 July 2021