First public exhibition opens for Euston Over-Station Development

  • 28 Jun 2022
Local residents, community groups and businesses are being invited to visit a public exhibition of proposals for a 60-acre transformation of Euston, which will open its doors on 30 June at the Surma Community Centre. The exhibition is the first opportunity for residents to view the emerging masterplan for the Euston Over-Station Development (OSD).


Image: Artist’s impression showing potential new public space over Network Rail’s Euston Station with views across central London (Credit: Lendlease. Please note this image has been created for illustrative purposes only) 

Early sketches of emerging proposals for the area will be displayed as well as outline plans for new homes, shops, parks and streets. Local communities are being invited to share their thoughts on emerging plans and influence how the project can benefit the diverse neighbourhoods around the site. 

Some of the key questions to be considered include: 

  • How can nature and culture become the building blocks of the new neighbourhood? 
  • How can Euston leverage the world-leading science and technology cluster in which it sits to benefit local people, wider London and the country? 
  • How can Euston become one of London’s top destinations, and a place that will benefit local residents? 
  • How do we ensure Euston is more than just a transport hub? 

The exhibition has been organised by Lendlease, the Government’s Master Development Partner at Euston. They have been tasked by Government with harnessing the energy of one of the world’s busiest transport hubs to create a new local neighbourhood above the HS2 and Network Rail stations and transform Euston for generations to come. Lendlease is also committed to making this one of the world’s first zero carbon developments.  

This is the first in a series of exhibitions due to take place over the next year to gather feedback from the community and ensure the proposals are aligned with local aspirations, provide environmental improvements to Euston and deliver economic benefits for everyone. 

Phil Gould, Project Director – Euston, at Lendlease, said: “While we’re at an early stage of the masterplan and focused on the vision for Euston, we also want to ensure that the local community are able to influence this process in its early stages so that they can reap the benefits from the development.” 

“Beyond the station, we envisage Euston as a place of connection and collaboration, which will leverage the network of innovative Knowledge Quarter institutions and organisations that are already established. We want Euston to be a place where we tackle the challenges that face our society and planet: creating an inclusive and globally connected community that delivers social value and jobs, as well as a healthier, more sustainable place to live.” 

“Local residents around Euston deserve a properly connected neighbourhood they can flourish in, one with people at its heart, which is why we want to hear from the community and work hand-in-hand to deliver a place that works for everyone.” 

Consultation on the scheme began last year with a series of workshops to establish key priorities for the development and was followed by further ideas workshops and the launch of an online consultation earlier this year. To date, this feedback has highlighted a range of priorities:

  • Local value – create an inclusive environment that delivers tangible benefits for local communities and makes an effort to reach into surrounding neighbourhoods
  • Green space – provide a new, diverse, balanced and interconnected network of quality green and open spaces, recognising local needs
  • Accessibility and integration – improve access, connectivity and easy flow of movement for diverse needs around Euston so that local people can gain more value from existing and new places
  • Local culture, heritage, and identity – enhance and celebrate the area’s history and identity  
  • Affordability – ensure that affordable options are retained and created through local shops, services, and homes  
  • Safety – improve the sense of well-being and create an environment where people feel safe and secure


Caption: Indicative sketch showing emerging masterplan (Credit: Lendlease. Please note this image has been created for illustrative purposes only)