Lendlease Digital Launches Podium Property Insights in Asia

  • 7 Sep 2022
Accenture is the first go-to-market partner to Podium Property Insights, enabled by Google Cloud’s seamless integration. Podium Property Insights is a transformational digital platform which utilises data to help real estate owners and tenants assess space usage and unlock insights into place experience, optimisation and sustainability.

Singapore, 7 September, 2022 – Today, Lendlease Digital announced the launch of Podium Property Insights in Asia. Launched in partnership with Accenture and Google Cloud, the one-of-a-kind software platform for workplace managers and real estate owners will optimise space utilisation and cost savings within buildings that support employers in improving the employee experience.

Designed for large scale enterprises, government agencies, and portfolios, the platform allows users to view, analyse and predict future requirements, as well as gain value from specific data at a portfolio, building and team level. The partners have begun pilots in select locations, including Accenture’s Singapore office and the Csuites flexible workspace at Paya Lebar Quarter.

Leveraging data for future insights

The Podium Property Insights software tool creates personalised insights and recommended actions to inform future workspace decisions, and drive improvements to employee satisfaction. Podium Property Insights intelligently supports 20 unique metrics – Employee Satisfaction, Space Utilisation, Health & Safety, and Sustainability – in any building to create real-time models for optimal building usage.

Unlike purely sensor led solutions, Podium Property Insights offers concise insights, analysis at the individual team level, and provides forward looking forecasts. The platform brings together place, people, and business data collected through sensors and surveys to create a staircase to value – from business intelligence to artificial intelligence, and ultimately operational intelligence. This means users have the insights needed to improve cost efficiency, employee engagement, and workplace productivity.

Quote attributable to William Ruh, Chief Executive Officer, Lendlease Digital

“Innovation thrives under pressure and the roll-out of Podium Property Insights today is more important than ever as workplaces are undertaking seismic change. The previous workplace model is no longer sustainable, and we are all moving forward with dynamic, personalised experiences in order to attract and retain top talent. Podium Property Insights is the digital platform that will transform workplaces to meet today’s business needs.”

Quote attributable to Amit Bansal, Managing Director, Applied Intelligence Execution and Data Led Transformation for Growth Markets, Accenture

“Accenture is working with Lendlease to develop Podium Property Insights and define the platform’s use cases. We are also trialing it in some of our offices. Companies need strategies for new hybrid work models to ensure all employees have a safe, productive and efficient environment wherever they work at any given time. Lendlease’s platform will give companies the insights to inform their new workplace strategies.”

Quote attributable to Johann Kruse, Global Alliance Lead for Lendlease, Google Cloud

“As a strategic partner, we will be enabling our clients and partners to access Podium Property Insights on the Google Cloud Marketplace. Together, we will make it even easier for workplace managers to create workplaces where people truly thrive.”

Workplaces where people thrive

Employees are now demanding dynamic, personalised workplace experiences. In response, Podium Property Insights sets employee satisfaction as the “hero metric,” which is unparalleled in the market. By combining AI with practical tools to enable workplace teams to respond to ever-changing employee needs, along with insights built on complete data sets, Podium focused on helping the workplace thrive by correlating building data with employee data.

Through the pilot phase of the rollout of Podium Property Insights, teams have discovered that sometimes it is the simple things that need changing – for instance replacing high-chairs with standard chairs. Other teams have been able to relook at the space requirements based on how unique teams prefer to work and collaborate.

Podium Property Insights promotes safer and healthier buildings through tracking real-time data analytics and predictive and immediate action recommendations, which aims to decrease employee complaints by up to 30% and increase workplace productivity by up to 12%.

Optimising space

For workplace managers seeking to reduce overhead costs, Podium Property Insights tracks underutilised floors and meeting rooms and places in the office that have the least engagement enabling an optimal model for space usage to produce a thriving office environment.

Companies will be able to monetise non-utilised spaces at non-peak times by reconfiguring floorplate designs and adjusting for a hybrid work model. By creating this model, companies will find maximum workplace performance, grow employee engagement and retention. Podium Property Insights will continuously evolve to include additional data sources and metrics based on feedback received.

Reducing carbon footprint

For building owners seeking to reduce their building’s carbon footprint, Podium Property Insights can monitor air quality, temperature, and acoustics across the office. The platform also identifies electricity intensity and use per occupant, enabling building owners to redeploy resources more efficiently. After piloting Podium Property Insights, buildings will have a much stronger visibility of utility spend against occupancy, enabling action to reduce energy consumption footprint by 10% to 20%, depending on building infrastructure design. Podium Property Insights supports the entire real estate value chain, while encouraging industry collaboration and co-innovation.

Users of Podium Property Insights can expect safer and healthier buildings through tracking real-time data analytics, and advise on immediate action recommendations, which is imperative in an ever-changing environment in light of the pandemic.


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