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Leaders in sustainability

Sustainability at Lendlease is guided by our Sustainability Framework and industry-leading sustainability targets launched in 2020.

We are a 1.5 degree aligned company and we aim to create $250 million of social value by 2025. 

Our bold sustainability targets are more than just headlines. We have clear decarbonisation plans in place and we measure the positive impact we are making in communities around the world.

The sustainability credentials and outcomes of our investments and projects globally are a competitive differentiator and help generate long term value for our stakeholders.

Our sustainability commitments and expertise position us as a partner of choice, helping us attract and retain the brightest minds, and fuelling innovation across our business.

We are a 1.5C Aligned Company

$250m Social Value by 2025




On the Watermans Residences tower at One Sydney Harbour, we deployed electric construction plant and equipment and analysed the implications of switching from diesel to electric concrete pumping. We shared our findings in The Electric Edge report, published in conjunction with University of Queensland.



As investors become increasingly climate-conscious, demand for greater sustainability efforts in the built environment has risen exponentially. With construction materials accounting for 11% of carbon emissions globally, and concrete being the most widely used construction material in the world, Lendlease saw the clear need to innovate around low carbon concrete.



LREIT obtained a S$860 million unsecured Sustainability-Linked Loan bolstering efforts in minimising its carbon footprint by pegging the interest rate on this loan to LREIT’s tangible improvements on predetermined sustainability performance targets.




Lendlease launched BeOnsite in 2007 and the organisation is dedicated to helping people from disadvantaged groups find work in the construction industry. BeOnsite recently won a prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the category of promoting opportunity through social mobility.



Lendlease’s Scope 3 Emissions Protocol: Our Reporting Boundary

Our Absolute Zero by 2040 target is industry leading and bold. It is a target focused on eliminating, rather than just offsetting, the Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions within the boundaries we have defined as being relevant to our value chain.

The Lendlease Scope 3 Emissions Protocol v.1 is intended to contribute to broader efforts to help define a global approach to the measurement and reporting of Scope 3 emissions associated with real estate investments, development and construction business activities. 

Sustainability has always been a core operating principle Image

Sustainability has always been a core operating principle

The legacy of our founder, Dick Dusseldorp, continues to inspire our people as we strive to create environmental and social outcomes alongside economic outcomes.

We partner with clients, industry associations, our supply chain and other leading organisations to create a sustainable future for all.

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Lendlease FY23 ESG Databook

Our environmental, social and governance (ESG) datasets, related public policies and governance oversight as well as our cumulative TCFD reporting.

External collaboration

We continue to work with industry bodies, initiatives and partners to share our learnings and to actively engage in the development of industry best practice.

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