Large Format Digital Screens

Create an impact on the shopper journey with our network of suspended portrait and mounted landscape digital screens. Equipped with full motion video, sound and interactive capabilities, our large format digital screens are designed to connect shoppers with brands and create an unforgettable experience.

Large Format Banners

Mounted from the ceiling, hanging banners are visible across multiple levels of the centre to create maximum visual impact and wow factor from every angle. With the opportunity to advertise on either standard or spectacular sized banners, your brand is visible achieving the ‘wow’ factor from every angle and level.

Door Decals

Engage with shoppers the minute they walk through the door. This important touchpoint sends customers on a directional path of discovery to your brand or retail outlet, cleverly capturing them from the moment they enter the centre.

Floor Decals

From the bottom of escalators to main centre thoroughfares, floor decals enable your message to be placed right under the feet of shoppers.

Lift Decals

Lift wraps provide fantastic small and large format advertising in centre. A high traffic touchpoint capturing customers while they wait. This channel is only available in some centres.

Escalator Decals

This dynamic advertising space works well with innovative, ambient creative maximising the dwell time spent travelling between levels. Utilise with decals throughout the centre to deliver a centre-wide message.


A rare opportunity to utilise prime retail space during tenant changeover

Experiential Activations

Connect with shoppers in a buying mindset through an interactive activation that creates a memorable brand experience.


Engage with shoppers in a unique way through sampling, providing promotional products and connecting shoppers with your promotional staff. Roaming allows you to create a path to purchase and is a strong platform for face-to-face interaction and feedback.

Digital Directories

Shoppers interact with our screens to find store locations creating a strong platform for your brand to engage with shoppers and provide a directional path to your store. Connect with shoppers through a 15 second looping image or video and maximise your reach in-centre.

Digital Channel Exposure

Influence the shopper journey through delivering engaging content based messaging on our digital channels. Make your brand’s unique story or product front of mind as shoppers consider their next trip to the centre.

Brand Partnerships

Become a brand partner to connect with shoppers through a highly targeted campaign. We have a range of partnership opportunities available for key campaigns such as Fashion, School Holidays or Christmas.


A number of centres across the portfolio offer highly visible billboard locations to deliver a message or branding opportunity with impact!