Investor centre

Our approach

We are a global real estate group with core expertise in shaping cities and creating strong and connected communities.

We employ our placemaking expertise and integrated business model in global gateway cities to deliver urbanisation projects and investments that generate social, environmental and economic value.

The places we create are meaningful, vibrant and enduring. Place creation requires a combination of global competence with authentic local engagement. It means having the skill to not only define the best of all possibilities but the discipline to deliver that vision sustainably and in partnership with the community. 

We are differentiated from other industry players by our end to end capability across all aspects of real estate – from concept and planning, to design and delivery through to funding and investment management. We believe this is critical to generate superior economic, social and environmental outcomes.

The competitive edge generated by this integration is realised in many ways: 

  • Knowledge and ability across the whole value chain to maximise returns
  • Access to third party capital to fund development and improve returns
  • Origination capability
  • Execution excellence through delivery
  • The best people that are attracted to the best projects

Dispute resolution statement

Lendlease has a dispute resolution mechanism that covers complaints by securityholders. For more information, please contact Lendlease Investor Relations at +61 2 9236 6111 or send us an email at InvestorRelations@lendlease.com.