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Jem® is one of Lendlease's largest investments globally. It is located in the expanding western Singapore district. Lendlease has partnered with numerous government departments in pioneering productivity and sustainability initiatives not previously delivered in Singapore.



Lendlease Global Commercial REIT

Jurong East, Singapore


Design, Construction and Management

Project vision

Jem® is fundamental to the ambitious plans for Jurong's regeneration. It sits at the heart of the area as the perfect symbol of world-class opportunity, with over 108,000 square metres of retail and commercial space available. The retail component is a prime suburban shopping mall in Singapore and presents customers with a regional destination that caters to a variety of everyday needs and requirements.


Project outcome

This foreign manufacturing company required the construction of an engine manufacturing line to meet its exact specifications within an existing structure requiring significant renovation.

Lendlease provided design and cost management services and schedule and quality management services during the two year construction phase starting in August 2008. Under the original contract, Lendlease's scope was limited to cost management services, but the scope was extended to include overall project management services based on the Client's satisfaction with the high quality of services provided in the first phase.

The design management scope was to coordinate the specification requirements between the foreign headquarters and the production manager in Japan. Lendlease also provided a comprehensive management service to coordinate between the persons in charge of production facilities in the home country and Japan, as well as to resolve the conflicting requirements of various departments. This role included bridging the perception gap owing to cultural differences that emerged in the negotiation between headquarters and the facility in Japan.

In addition, Lendlease provided supporting service to confirm that the design corresponded to the requirements and specifications for infrastructure.

The cost management scope included conducting a comparison between the initial budget and the requirements from the Client, consulting with Client headquarters' staff abroad to increase the budget, and reporting on the progress of the budget control periodically.

Managing the schedule and quality required close coordination directly with the production line manager of the existing factory, which remained in operation during construction, and the project was completed successfully within the assigned timeline.