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Our Target

We aim to create A$250 million of social value by 2025. The A$250 million is not a budget we invest, it’s the amount of social value we anticipate will be created.

What work contributes towards the target?

The A$250 million target includes the social value created through our corporate shared value partnerships as well as other programs we support through the Lendlease Foundation, such as our Community Grants program.

Our shared-value partnerships are between Lendlease and not-for-profit organisations which offer opportunities for our employees to volunteer. This way both parties benefit from the connection, rather than philanthropy when money is gifted without an ongoing relationship.

To be an eligible partner, an organisation must be a registered community group, social enterprise or non-profit, and the work that they conduct is required to be in alignment with Lendlease’s Sustainability Framework, without benefitting Lendlease directly.

For more information contact our Social Impact team at socialimpact@lendlease.com

The Lendlease Foundation Community Grants program is an initiative to aid not-for-profit community organisations and charities that deliver impact across the following areas:


Community Grants are launched at the beginning of each year. For more information contact socialimpact@lendlease.com

Our target does not include the extensive social value created by our project and asset teams. However, we are now adapting the social return on investment (SROI) methodology we’re using to measure social value created through our shared value partnerships to create an easy-to-use tool for the business to better understand the social value we’re creating through social sustainability initiatives delivered across our projects and assets.

How did we arrive at the A$250 million in 5 years target?

Our A$250 million by 2025 target was set by combining historic Lendlease Foundation funding with what we’ve learned from measuring the social return on investment on some of our recent partnerships.

How will we measure social value?

We are partnering with respected global organisations who are helping us apply a rigorous and objective methodology to measure and report on social value in a way that everyone can understand.  This methodology helps to quantify the social benefit in monetary terms using the Principles of Social Return on Investment (SROI).

What social value return are we aiming for?

For every $1 that Lendlease invests, we are aiming for an average social value return on investment of $5 through our partnerships. 

Find out more about our partners in each of the regions here

Follow our #ALittleHelpToThrive stories and see how we’re making a difference across our communities.

Thanks to all our shared-value partners and community organisations who work with us to make a positive difference to our communities.

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