23 October 2018


We’re aware that some of our suppliers are being contacted with fake purchase orders from individuals and organisations claiming to represent Lendlease. Lendlease’s name and logo have been used on documentation without authority.

Unfortunately, Lendlease can’t prevent this illegal activity. If you are impacted, we strongly recommend you notify the police.

This electronic scam involves requests for goods and the issue of a subsequent purchase order, which purports to come from Lendlease but is in fact fraudulent. 

It appears that when the goods are delivered to a non-Lendlease address, they are then transferred elsewhere without the supplier receiving payment.

We’re aware of some common traits or themes of the fraudulent activity and its origin. These include:
  • The sender’s email address is not from Lendlease’s email address domain which is @lendlease.com 
  • Rather the fraudulent email addresses may contain misspellings or non-genuine variations of Lendlease’s domain.
  • The email message may be poorly written, with misspellings and awkward sentence structure.
  • The email and purchase order may include an attachment designed to look like a purchase order from Lendlease, may include a logo or other graphic, and a signature that may look legitimate.
  • The purchase order will include a delivery address that is typically a warehousing and/or distribution centre that is NOT associated with Lendlease.
If you suspect that you have been subject to this fraud in any way, please contact the police immediately.

If you believe you have received a fraudulent email that appears to be from Lendlease, please speak with your regular business contact to verify its legitimacy before responding to the email or filling the order.

Lendlease values our relationship with our suppliers and greatly appreciates your help in reporting instances of suspected fraud.