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At Lendlease, we have a long and proud history of innovation and creating many industry firsts. We innovate to improve:

  • Health, safety and wellbeing
  • Customer value and experience
  • Sustainability
  • Productivity

We invest in incremental innovations as well as disruptive innovations, like


Lendlease has achieved five ‘World first’ and three ‘Australia first’ sustainability outcomes.

  1. Australia’s first carbon neutral precinct
  2. Australia’s first carbon neutral construction service
  3. The world’s largest collection of healthy workplaces in one portfolio
  4. The world’s largest collection of sustainable Senior Homes
  5. The world’s heathiest timber building
  6. World's most sustainable real estate fund
  7. World’s most sustainable stadium
  8. Australia’s most sustainable community

Featured stories

Lendlease Podium – an industry first property lifecycle platform

On 30 June 2020, we launched Lendlease Podium – the first digital property lifecycle platform – to the market. To date, Lendlease Podium has reduced design durations by up to 60%, achieved design resource savings of up to 70%, de-risked projects by identifying and addressing thousands of unresolved design details, and reduced construction durations by months.

Lendlease Podium – an industry first property lifecycle platform

Our new modular bathroom system, H³ Wellness Hub, provides restroom facilities on high rise construction sites. It fits into a variety of built environments – specifically engineered to be lifted and hoisted vertically. It’s been rolled out on a number of construction projects in San Francisco, New York City and Chicago and is now available for purchase.

Bankwest Stadium scores LEED v4 Gold certification for sustainability

Bankwest Stadium has achieved over 90 per cent waste diversion from landfill, recycling 700 kilograms of soft plastics from new seat covers. In addition, the stadium has transformed the live event experience for their fans from analog to digital with next gen video walls, high quality wi-fi, a 360 degree digital ribbon and a speaker system that includes more than 20 speaker clusters.

Smart Communities Yarrabilba

Yarrabilba is one of Australia's most innovative master-planned communities and a Lendlease ‘living innovation lab’. It’s the only trial site for CSIRO's Virtual Power Station 2.0 – 67 households participated with some residents saving up to 60% on power bills. We’re also delivering new levels of insight through innovations such as smart poles that record and monitor air quality and noise levels.

Mobile Charge Pod

This innovative locker is a mobile powered cabinet that allows contractors to safely store power tools, while charging their batteries. Manufactured from a durable and recyclable plastic, it provides six easy to use lockers that are large enough for the various battery bank chargers and provides a protected General Power Outlet for each locker.