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Who we are

BeOnsite was established by Lendlease in 2007 as a dedicated, not-for-profit company. We support people facing life challenges that have made it difficult for them to get onto the job ladder, helping them to build a career within the built environment.

Back in the 1950s Lendlease’s visionary founder Dick Dusseldorp was ahead of his time. He set up his company based on a vision of creating environmental, social, and economic outcomes to support people today, and into the future.

Now a global Development, Construction and Investment firm, Lendlease continues his legacy and vision with clear, ambitious targets and initiatives for achieving social value in the communities we work within.

BeOnsite was therefore set up with a sole purpose – to make a tangible difference to social sustainability and inclusion in the UK.

"The time is not far off when companies will have to justify their worth to society, with greater emphasis being placed on environmental and social impact than straight economics."

Dick Dusseldorp,
Founder of Lendlease, 1973

We go beyond opening doors Image

We go beyond opening doors

We want to support people who face the greatest barriers in gaining employment to help them get not just jobs, but to build long term careers and successful futures that they can be proud of.

Through our bespoke, direct employment model and one-to-one support, we develop and enable people, strengthen communities, share opportunities and unleash potential.

Some of our work supports Lendlease’s ambitious social value targets at our own development sites. We also increasingly support other businesses across the supply chain.

We look for partnerships and external funding that tie in with our mission and ethos to ensure our unique services are as far-reaching as possible. By delivering innovative programmes such as Mind the Gap and the Breakfast Club we are intent on benefiting all stakeholders which will create lasting change in our industry.

Our difference makes a difference

Source: BeOnsite July 2022

Unique in what we do, we support not just a person looking to get onto the job ladder but also their prospective employer.

We do this by employing people directly, taking on HR and PAYE processes and providing ongoing care, support and training in the early months to give them the best chance of success.

For employers, we know it can be demanding bringing in people who have never worked or have challenges that may make working difficult at times. By taking HR pressures away and providing ongoing support and advice we anticipate and catch challenges early. This transforms the employer relationship journey with their new employee.

We have now supported over 1,000 people including the long term unemployed, prison offenders and other people from challenging backgrounds. We are delighted that our success rate in sustaining people in work over the long term goes beyond any other benchmark in the UK.



“I am delighted that Lendlease BeOnsite have won our inaugural Employer of the Year Award. We had some excellent applications but yours stood out so congratulations and well done. I am proud Lendlease BeOnsite are members of the Corbett Network because you do such effective work helping so many turn their lives around.”

Lady Val Corbett,
Founder, The Corbett Network

An employee's story

“It was amazing to know that I had come so far from where I had been. BeOnsite did so much to keep me moving on the same progressive path which has given me even more self- confidence. My family are really happy that I've done so well and tell me every now and again to remember where I have come from and to continue to keep at it. They all think I'm hard-working and I’m so proud of that fact.”


An employer's story

“We have had many success stories with candidates supplied by BeOnsite, we believe their support and training provided to the candidates have been vital to ensure that the continuous employment of local labour has become a reality to the point where we have been able to give full time direct employment to some of the candidates.”

Cliff Morgan, Contracts Manager, Careys

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