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Building brighter futures together

A partnership approach

Our approach is holistic. By developing programmes and collaborating with other industry-wide stakeholders we create lasting change.

We achieve our goals thanks to the amazing support and partnerships that we have with public, private and third sector organisations and we look for external funding that ties in with our mission and ethos to ensure our unique services are as far-reaching as possible.

By continuously getting feedback from those we collaborate with our work is shaped, the vision developed and lessons learnt. This is then shared back through best practice and guidance on how to replicate what we do.

Our scope has expanded in recent years with partnership initiatives such as Mind the Gap and Kickstart where we have worked with a wide range of unemployed people from serving prisoners and ex-offenders to young people not in work, education or training.

"I think the beauty of BeOnsite is the fact it’s linked into employers…. It’s linked into big projects that have vacancies at its fingertips, but it also offers that holistic diagnostic service to people that meets those needs”

Tony Hyland, Senior National Account Manager, Department of Work and Pensions

Why we are different

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Our achievements

Our unique work has been recognised by a number of awards including a 2022 Queen's Award for Enterprise.

Partnership projects

  • In 2020 we completed our innovative “Mind the Gap“ project. This £1 million CITB-funded contract was aimed at reducing construction skills gaps and reoffending in London and other key cities. One of our key objectives was to share our existing good practice with the construction industry teaching them to recruit safely and inclusively. Over the three-years that the contract ran we worked with construction industry partners and rehabilitation specialists to offer sustainable employment opportunities to serving prisoners and ex-offenders.

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    Offenders and ex-offenders into employment

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    Employee sustainments

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    Construction employees supported

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    Guides designed and written to support work coaches in Jobcentre Plus and the DWP


    Our aim was to provide a transformational programme for employers who had never considered recruiting offenders and former offenders. To build confidence we developed and gave them resources, support and tools and practical guidance on recruiting safely and fairly. By creating shared responsibilities of the mulitple stakeholders both towards each other and towards programme beneficiaries we achieved a focus on shared purpose.

    Successful custody and community events combined with bespoke pastoral care have led to job offers and proper careers. We are delighted that many of the companies we supported through this project have gone onto build their own positive initiatives.

    "Too often, employers shy away from taking a chance on ex-offenders because they think the risks outweigh the potential gains. The attitude displayed by organisations like Lendlease towards ex-offenders and their dedication to getting the right people - no matter who they are - to work for them is a breath of fresh air.”

    Rt Hon David Gauke MP

  • The Department for Work and Pensions ran a programme to support young people in gaining valuable experience and make them more employable.

    BeOnsite was an approved Gateway provider and supported 51 young people – above target - into six-month placements with 15 different Lendlease suppliers nationally and end use retailers at Elephant Park in London.

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    Young people placed

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    Offered a placement

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    Started their opportunities

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    Support hours delivered


    We directly employed the Kickstart employees supporting both them and their host supervisors and managers practically and personally, ensuring the best opportunity for success.

    The government covered the salary costs of each participant for 25 hours per week at National Minimum Wage, however, as a Living Wage employer, companies working with Lendlease on Kickstart topped up salaries to at least the appropriate Living Wage.

  • The Breakfast Club was developed and managed by BeOnsite and funded by CITB. Aimed at tackling high construction turnover, we partnered with contractors in co-creating a targeted intervention programme of training and development. Our collaboration identified that we should focus on soft skills such as communication and relationship management, financial literacy and mental health resilience. We also provided individual support and exposed candidates to multiple trades to help them understand and navigate construction career paths.

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    Training sessions per cohort

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    New industry entrants supported

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    Retention rate vs 35% in a control group

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    Satisfied or very satisfied


    Interventions helped build up an entrant’s sense of self-worth and understanding while providing them with the knowledge they needed to communicate effectively with peers and supervisors to reduce the risk of resignations or firings. 85% of those who completed the course were still in the industry six months after the programme’s end and more than 20 months after its start, compared to only 33% in the directly employed control group.

    As a direct result of this programme we now offer some of these course modules as standard to all BeOnsite employees.

Key partnerships

“The New Futures Network is proud to have built a strong working relationship with Lendlease and the BeOnsite team. It is important to collaborate across sectors when we are working towards the same goal - that is, to identify employment shortages and support prisons to put forward talented, motivated individuals to be part of your workforce”.

Duncan O’Leary, CEO, The New Futures Network, Ministry of Justice

At BeOnsite we have now supported over 1,000 people from under-represented groups and challenging backgrounds.

Meet some of the people we have helped.


Lendlease and our Social Value targets Image

Lendlease and our Social Value targets

In line with our founder Dick Dusseldorp’s vision, Lendlease has a long history of emphasising environmental, social and economic outcomes. This is expressed today in our company purpose that “Together we create value through places where community thrive”. Beyond the work that BeOnsite does, by 2025 we have committed as a company to delivering $250m of social value impact through a range of initiatives.

“The collaboration between BeOnsite and PHD has been really positive. Not only has it assisted us to recruit labour required for the demands of the project but the support throughout the process has been second to none. BeOnsite, organising the COTS course was crucial as this enabled the candidates the training and qualifications required to be employed by us.”

Will Wansbrough, Divisional Manager, PHD