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Want to make an impact? Let's make it together

Why a Lendlease career?

Whoever you are, whatever you want to achieve professionally, personally and for the people and places around you, if you have the 
ambition, talent and drive, you can build a successful career with us. 

As an organisation that is heavily invested in both the future of our planet and supporting the communities in which we work, our 
people are the greatest contributors to our ability to create innovative and sustainable places that thrive.    

We care about your career and wellbeing and will encourage and support you to learn, develop and thrive and make an impact. Be part 
of the positive difference we’re making.  

Our values

The way we achieve things at Lendlease is just as important as what we achieve. Together we create value through places where communities thrive. We live by our values every day – we constantly strive to demonstrate them across our activities and recognise them in our people.

Inclusive career pathways

Just starting out, returning from a career break, or with years of experience to offer?  At whatever stage your career is at, we offer different pathways that can help you fulfil and further your career ambitions.  

We recruit across our key development, construction and investment management business areas and for wider business functions such as marketing, finance and legal. For those looking to come into our industry for the first time, we also actively support different routes to entry including:  

  • Sponsored undergraduate construction programmes
  • Apprenticeship schemes
  • Work experience
  • Returnships - for those getting back into work 


Passionate about making our workplaces as equal, diverse and as inclusive as possible, we have 
developed a wide range of global and regional sponsorship and development programmes such as:   

Ignite  - removing barriers to gender equity   
Mosaic  - supporting diverse talent to achieve racial and cultural equity 

The culture at Lendlease promotes a fun, motivating, and inclusive environment, with each individual supporting one another to reach their greatest potential. The countless opportunities and the numerous courses offered allow you to explore and continuously progress in the early stages of your career.   

Javi Patel 
Assistant Commercial Manager

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Sponsored undergraduate construction programmes

Our accreditations