Foreword from Dan Labbad, Chief Executive Officer, International Operations

Dan Labbad

Lendlease’s founder Dick Dusseldorp was a passionate believer in the need for companies to justify their worth to society, setting him apart as a visionary for his time. Fast forward sixty years and this vison helps to underpin our approach to diversity and inclusion, driving our culture while acting as a constant reminder of our commitment towards progress on issues like gender equality and gender pay.

It is no secret that like many industries, the property and construction sectors suffer from female underrepresentation, which is particularly pronounced at senior levels. This is something Lendlease is determined to address by attracting more women to the industry and supporting the development of more women into senior roles.

If we fail to take proactive action, both as a company and as an industry, then we will all suffer as a whole. By attracting more women to the industry and supporting their development into senior roles, we can all realise the benefits greater diversity brings. Empowering new ways of thinking from a wider talent pool will help tackle the skills crisis and enable modern day businesses to rise to today’s challenges. Although the industry is working hard to break down many barriers and perceptions which have held the sector back, we need to fast-track this change. At Lendlease we have already achieved equal pay for equal work and and by applying the same focus to gender representation I’m confident we can make a positive impact.

Benchmarking is one way to help drive positive change, which is why we welcome the Government’s requirement for companies to publish their gender pay gap. As part of our plan to address the gender pay gap we have introduced a number of pro-active measures; from prioritising flexible working to supporting and developing female leaders, which you can read about in this report.

While we recognise that closing the gender pay gap will take time and like so many have much more to do, we are committed to building a more diverse workforce.


Gender Pay Reporting Requirements

From April 2017, all UK organisations which employ over 250 employees are required to report annually on their gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is defined as the difference in the average earnings of men and women over a standard period of time, regardless of their role or seniority. Due to historical mergers and acquisitions Lendlease has a number of business entities. Only our construction entity is required to publish data under the regulations, however we felt it was important to analyse and publish data for our Lendlease UK business overall.  

Minding the Gap

Read Lendlease’s Gender Pay Gap Report in full