Foreword from Dan Labbad, Chief Executive Officer, Europe 

Dan Labbad

Lendlease’s founder Dick Dusseldorp was a passionate believer in an idea that was ahead of its time: companies need to justify their worth to society by giving back to it. Business plays a part in shaping society and organisations have a responsibility to carve out a better future in any way they can. 

Fast-forward 60 years, Dusseldorp’s big idea is still with us. His vision underpins our approach to diversity and inclusion. At present, we’re facing an industry-wide diversity problem. Our sector suffers  from female underrepresentation. This is a challenging issue – one that evokes a lot of passion – and we need to face up to it.

At Lendlease, we’ve already achieved equal pay, meaning both men and women get paid the same amount for doing the same role.

However, the broader gender pay gap problem is more complex - it compares the average earnings between men and women across an entire organisation - and highlights that when there are more men than women, especially at a senior level, the gender pay gap and bonus percentage is higher.

We need more women in senior roles at Lendlease. Of course, recruiting, hiring, training, and promoting women at this level isn’t something we can achieve overnight, but we are committed to making it happen.

By nurturing the talent we have and encouraging more women to join the industry, I’m confident that our founder’s vision and values will continue to be realised – now and in the future.


Gender Pay Reporting Requirements

All UK organisations which employ over 250 employees are required to report annually on their gender pay gap. The gender pay gap is defined as the difference in the average earnings of men and women over a standard period of time, regardless of their role or seniority. Due to historical mergers and acquisitions Lendlease has a number of business entities. Only our construction entity is required to publish data under the regulations, however we felt it was important to analyse and publish data for our Lendlease UK business overall. Read our 2017 Gender Pay Gap Report here.

Gender Pay Gap Report Review 2018