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Corporate calendar

Half year 2023 financial results released to ASX
13 February 2023
Security price quoted "ex-dividend" (Note 1)
17 February 2023
Record Date/Books Close (Note 2)
20 February 2023
Last day to lodge DRP notice
21 February 2023
Pay Interim Dividend (Note 3)
8 March 2023
Year end
30 June 2023
Full year 2023 financial results  released to ASX
14 August 2023
(webcast 9.30am AEST)
Security price quoted "ex-dividend" (Note 1)
18 August 2023
Record Date/Books Close (Note 2)
21 August 2023
Last day to lodge DRP notice
22 August 2023
Pay Final Dividend (Note 3)
13 September 2023
Annual General Meeting
17 November 2023


1 Ex-dividend Date
Securities are quoted “ex-dividend” one business day before the company's Record Date. To be entitled to a dividend/distribution a securityholder must have purchased securities before the ex-dividend date. The security price may fall on the ex-dividend date, with the fall in price being related to the amount of dividend/distribution being paid, on the basis that the buyer will not, in the ordinary course of events, receive the dividend/distribution because they will not be registered by the Record Date.

2 Record Date
There must be a minimum of 4 business days between the date the dividend is declared and the record date.

3 ASX Appendix 6A
Must follow the time limits set out in this timetable when paying a dividend.

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