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London, UK

High Road West

The vision for High Road West a scheme that will help re-energise this proud and historic area of London by delivering vital new and affordable housing, jobs and open space.

Project at a glance

High Road West

Completion Date
Expectect completion 2034

Project Categories
Development, Construction

Estimated Value
$2.0 billion total estimated development end value


Project Structure
Development Partner for London Borough Haringey

Project Scheme
Residential led scheme to be delivered in multiple phases, comprising:

  • c. 2,500 apartments
  • 14,000 sqm retail

As at 30 Jun 2022. Estimated project value, details and completion date reported in Lendlease Full Year Results, 30 June 2022. Figures in AUD.

Project vision

Lendlease and the London Borough of Haringey have an inspiring ambition to create a positive social legacy for North Tottenham. The project is on target for the BREEAM Communities sustainability award and puts people first by minimising vehicle movement to create a walking and cycling-friendly neighbourhood.

The project is targeting thousands of jobs, both during construction and once High Road West is complete. The creation of green spaces and public realms will bring nature into the urban environment to increase health and wellbeing. The project will also contribute to programmes that support skills, employment, health, wellbeing, and education initiatives.


Project outcome

On completion, High Road West will provide around 2,500 new homes, a library, a community hub, and a variety of public spaces including shops and cafes to form a revitalised and vibrant neighbourhood which will sit alongside Tottenham FC’s stadium.

Bringing nature into the urban environment will create new green spaces and minimise vehicle movement, putting people first by creating a walking and cycling friendly neighbourhood. The project will support skills, employment, health, wellbeing, and education initiatives in the local community. It also aims to create a new community hub, through refurbishing the Grange, to provide access to a range of activities, services, and events for local residents to enjoy.

Project highlights

Locally led

Investing in initiatives to ensure local people benefit from the substantial new employment, education, and training opportunities.

Community development

We’ll work with the community to deliver new community buildings, including a world-class Library and Learning Centre, with particular emphasis on skills development for young people.

Green spaces

We're creating a new public park for the whole community, including a children's play area.