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Birmingham, UK

Smithfield Birmingham

The vision for Smithfield is to create a sustainable, green and inclusive place.

Project at a glance


Completion Date

Project Category

Estimated Value
$3.5 billion total estimated development end value

  • Secured 2021, expected completion 2035
  • Project to commence in 2025 (vertical build)


Project Structure
Land management - variable land price calculated and paid on phased draw down, subject to pre-conditions

Project Scheme
17 hectares residential led mixed use scheme, comprising:

  • 82,000sqm office space
  • 3,079 apartments (c.40% for rent3)
  • 44,000sqm retail

As at 30 Jun 2022. Estimated project value, details and completion date reported in Lendlease Full Year Results, 30 June 2022. Figures in AUD.

Project vision

Located in the heart of Birmingham, Smithfield will provide a new home for the city’s historic Bull Ring markets, outstanding new leisure and cultural spaces, including a festival square and landscaped park, integrated public transport, and over 3,000 new homes alongside community facilities.

Lendlease are working collaboratively with the local community through consultation and with Birmingham City Council to ensure the transformation of the site is sustainable and delivers the facilities and features that matter most to the local communities.

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Project outcome

The site will be an international destination, created and shaped by local people – building upon a rich diversity in the city and providing a place for Birmingham’s communities to come together and share experiences and new ideas.

Smithfield is an area in Birmingham city centre which includes the former wholesale markets, plus the current Indoor, Open and Rag markets as well as some surrounding land and buildings. It is key to unlocking the potential and growth of the city and for the long-term economic and social prosperity for the region. The project is intended to maximise opportunities for Birmingham residents to experience good work opportunities, with potential for up to 8,000 new jobs through-out the development phase and in operation.

The new market at Smithfield will celebrate Birmingham and be an iconic new centrepiece for the city centre. We will build on its history and support the area to keep its role at the heart of Birmingham’s economy. The Smithfield project aims to provide all retail and office space built to BREEAM sustainability standard.

Project highlights