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About Consulting

Diverse, dedicated and driven. For more than 20 years Lendlease Consulting has partnered with our clients to shape and deliver precisely tailored and innovative consulting solutions across the UK.  

Our agile, one team approach and on-the-ground, diverse specialist skills are uniquely combined with the vast knowledge, insights and best-in-class technology solutions of our global development and construction business. By offering fresh thinking, new perspectives and intelligent, custom-built solutions that cut through complexity, we minimise risk and enable results that clients value.  

The trusted adviser and delivery partner of choice for some of the country’s leading public institutions, private companies and government departments, our experience is wide-ranging, from heritage, healthcare and transport to energy, education and retail. 

Whether working on a multi-disciplinary project at a UK airport, restoring a major arts centre, or providing holistic development advisory advice, we collaborate with our clients to explore innovative concepts and manage sustainable solutions that solve the most intricate challenges and create lasting legacies.

A holistic trusted approach

We offer a full range of services across technical project, programme and strategic portfolio management. Complementing these are our full range of strategic advisory, CDM advisory, Principal Design, design management, health and safety and BIM advisory.  We also act as a client's Project Management Office (PMO) partner and pride ourselves on our structured PMO capabilities, tight project controls, meticulous multi-stakeholder engagement and well executed, tailored, project plans. 

Our consulting services offer our clients an opportunity to access the same people, talent and resources that we use globally each day to create world class communities. What this means for our clients is unprecedented access to vast experience and core market knowledge.  

No matter how complex or challenging a project, we don’t take a one size fits all route but customise our approach to identify and deliver solutions that will successfully meet our clients’ goals and stand the test of time. Our core services are:

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    Our project management service drives the whole project delivery process

    Whatever our clients' ambitions and challenges, we bring together the right combination of sector knowledge and expertise. Our skilled project managers listen, understand the brief and take ownership of driving this from design management through to delivery across the life cycle.

    Developed through over 20 years of industry experience, we use our best practice approaches to ensure that we deliver projects which are fully aligned with our clients' budgets, ethos and values. 

    We constantly focus and reassess our clients’ requirements against their project needs throughout the process. Our understanding of the importance and value of managing and fostering collaborative relationships in complex stakeholder environments has resulted in clients coming back to us again and again.

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    Complex projects need smart strategies

    We offer clients innovative, entrepreneurial and strategic advice that is underpinned by our belief that together we create value through places where communities thrive. We achieve this by leveraging our wider business expertise and global knowledge as a developer and asset manager, construction consultancy services provider and investment manager.

    We know the benefit of developing a clear strategy at the earliest possible stage, from an initial blank page brief through to the delivery of the most complex of projects. By understanding our clients’ key drivers from the outset, we can better shape the development of their strategy, identifying and assessing risks, challenges and opportunities early on and understanding the environment in which we are collectively delivering their project or programme.

    To bring our clients’ visions to life and make them as resilient as possible, our approach is never one size fits all but is fully tailored to their needs and underpinned by wide-ranging knowledge and experience. This makes our advice realistic, achievable and ensures that our client’s vision can be successfully delivered. 

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    Providing confidence that projects are designed and delivered safely

    Our CDM Advisory service provides our clients with an opportunity to draw on the skill, knowledge and experience of our team, to enhance the health and safety success of their projects. We assist and work with the client so that they fully understand their responsibilities to ensure they comply with CDM 2015.​

    At Lendlease we deliver CDM Advisory services aligned to each Duty Holder, providing advice and guidance for their specific duties and encourage them to fully embrace the ethos of CDM 2015. We also provide Principal Designer and Principal Designer Advisor Services working closely with clients and architect to plan manage and monitor the specific duties and ensure CDM Compliance throughout their project.​

    Our approach with our CDM Services is not only to provide a service but to educate and train others in their understanding of CDM 2015. This is born out of the varied client base we have as well as repeat and new business. We work with architectural practices specifically to review and update their CDM processes and develop organisations to meet the specific CDM requirements.

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    We are committed to maintaining the highest environmental, health and safety targets for all who work on 
    our sites, in our offices and those we interact with. 

    Our health and safety services encourage our projects to look after our people, partners and supply chain. 

    Through our Global Minimum Requirements Framework (GMRs) we ensure environmental and health & safety standards across the lifecycle of all our projects. Working closely with client, contractors and the supply chain we foster continued investment into the latest technology to help eliminate and reduce hazards and risk at every stage. Our GMRs empower our people to help them make good decisions, control risks and create incident and injury free environments.

    Working with clients to build an environmental, safety and health strategy that embeds our culture of care means we look out for ourselves and each other. Whilst it is essential that our people are physically safe, their health and wellbeing is as important to us, and we provide the tools that support these. We regularly audit and refresh our working strategy to drive improvements. 

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    Project and programme controls are core to how we manage and report and how we drive efficiency and increased clarity for our clients. 

    Working collaboratively with our project planning, cost management, risk management and schedule management experts, we provide a baseline for our clients and a forecast and scenario plan. This ensures our clients are always able to make the decisions required to safeguard their desired outcomes.
    Our systems and tools have been designed to make sure that we provide a dynamic and responsive series of controls and effective and quantitative analysis that achieves, not just reporting, but also quality delivery and the best solutions to challenges that arise.

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    Lendlease Consulting’s Commercial Service offering provides end-to-end support from Cost Planning and Procurement to Post-Contract Management and Final Accounting.

    Our cross sector knowledge and experience of client processes is bolstered by best practice taken from our Construction, Development, and Investment businesses. As well as access to standard industry cost libraries, our Consultants benefit from cost data captured from our global business operations. For procurement, we are able to provide advice based on information collated within Lendlease’s Supply Chain Information Portal procurement tool. Additionally, we are able to share global data relating to indices and market trends that are reported across Lendlease Group’s global operations.
    Our Post-Contract Management team are members of the Lendlease Commercial Community of Practice. This brings our client-side Consulting business and our Tier 1 contracting business together to share best practice. Our Consultants also benefit from a wealth of internal and external specialist training and reach-back to Subject Matter Experts including internal Legal and Claims experts.

  • Supporting you with your road map to net zero carbon and beyond 

    Early leaders in tackling industry climate change, sustainability is rooted in our DNA and integrated into all that we do. As a 1.5% aligned company, we aim to be net carbon zero by 2025 for scope 1 & 2 emissions and absolute zero carbon by 2040 across scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions with no offsets and no excuses. 

    This makes us ideally placed to support our clients in achieving their own sustainability goals. Through our wider business we can offer our clients roadmaps for how they can achieve lower carbon targets, which can then be broken down into more detailed analysis. Our Life Cycle Assessment approach and in-house assessment tools will create outcomes and allow clients to collect data that is easily trackable and measurable for a future calculation of their carbon footprint.

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    Improving performance, driving change and achieving goals at every stage 

    Our Lendlease Project or Programme Management Office (PMO) offers rigorous best practice controls that enable the delivery of efficient and successful projects and programmes.

    With each opportunity, we apply the discipline of PMO to achieve our clients' KPIs, aspirations and values. We improve performance, drive change, manage risk and realise efficiencies. How we do this is by integrating our project control team within the broader project team and providing a range of programme, cost, commercial and technical services to ensure projects are delivered effectively.

    Regardless of the scale or complexity of a project, we employ and refine systems and processes to provide control, governance and transparent reporting from inception to completion.

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    Integrated, seamless, market leading technology and data solutions  

    Lendlease heavily invests in developing the best technology solutions for our own global projects. This has led us to work closely with the digital tool creators that our market uses to explore digital and data solutions that push the boundaries.  

    Bringing together digital tools such as Sablon, Enablon, BIM and Sharepoint into a bespoke, central, streamlined, fully automated data model is ensuring optimal results that benefit not just our own but our clients’ projects and programmes. 

    Our consulting clients trust and value the real time integrated data reporting that they receive and the benefits that they gain which includes greater efficiencies, better risk management, improved accuracy and transparency, enhanced collaboration and cost reduction.   

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