Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Our Inclusion Statement

We offer workplaces that unite diverse minds; where respect, equal treatment and equal opportunity are just the norm.

We strive for our workforce to reflect the diversity of the communities in which we work; and for everyone to feel they belong.

We remain committed to supporting under-represented groups and providing a wide-range of inclusion initiatives, so that everyone is supported to thrive.

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Belong @ Lendlease

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion is one of our guiding principles, because we know that when we get it right, our people and our business will thrive.

We drive an inclusive team culture where trust and psychological safety are prioritised. Because we believe that when people feel respected and valued, when they feel safe to contribute their ideas and truly be open, without hiding parts of their identity; that is when they will flourish.

And, when we leverage their unique experiences, we flourish; as individuals, as teams and as a business. That is how together we create value through places where communities thrive.

Diversity Equity & Inclusion Focus Area's

The Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Council (DEIC)

Chaired by Leah Granderson, Head of DEI, US

The Diversity Equity & Inclusion Council (DEIC) brings together senior leaders in our business to connect and strengthen their understanding of the diverse nature of the people in our workplace. Members of the Council support the business to embed inclusion in their areas of responsibility, being active and prominent advocates of inclusive practices and leadership. 

Employee Resource Groups

Lendlease's Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) provide a dedicated space for employees who have historically been under-represented. Our ERGs are national and open to all.

The Black Forum (TBF) ERG works to continue to strengthen the values of Lendlease while creating a safe place where both present and future Black Diaspora employees feel valued, respected, trusted and included.

The Multicultural ERG (MERG) is a forum for all employees to engage and learn from each other, contributing to the professional development and advancement of our members and the company overall.

Pride US creates a venue where LGBTQIA+ employees and allies can engage to promote positive awareness, acceptance, and change both internally within Lendlease and externally in the communities in which we live and work.

Women @ Lendlease’s mission is to recruit, engage, retain, promote and uplift women as leaders within Lendlease. The ERG promotes a community within Lendlease that fosters trust and is absent of bias.

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  Gender Network

       Pride US

      Racial Equity

      All Abilities


Our achievements

Lendlease’s people are the greatest contributors to our success. That’s why creating culture where people encourage difference but work together is imperative to our business.

Our efforts have been recognized and rewarded by the industry. Some of our achievements are listed below.


Our partnerships & initiatives

Women’s Business Enterprise National Council
Lendlease is a member of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC), the nation’s largest third-party certifier of businesses owned and operated by women. We are committed to supplier diversity and the value of full inclusion in the supply chain.

ACE Mentor Program
ACE Mentor Program Lendlease employees mentor students through the ACE Mentor Program, which promotes diversity in architecture, construction and engineering program enrollment.

Lendlease Employee Resource Groups
The Black Forum, Pride US, Multicultural, and the Women @ Lendlease Employee Resource Groups (ERGs) are designed to give employees the opportunity to network, participate in volunteer and engagement efforts, and provide feedback on what Lendlease can do to support and foster their development and growth.

Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program
Lendlease participates in the Hiring Our Heroes Corporate Fellowship Program, which helps service members bridge the gap between their military service and civilian careers.

Business Coalition for the Equality Act
Lendlease is a member of the Business Coalition for the Equality Act, a group of leading U.S. employers that support the Equality Act, which is federal legislation that provides the same basic protections to LGBTQ people as are provided to other protected groups under federal law.

Nontraditional Employment for Women
Nontraditional Employment for Women Lendlease Foundation supports Nontraditional Employment for Women (NEW), an organization that provides free pre-apprenticeship training for women interested in pursuing careers in the construction trades.

Cornell University’s Phillip Payton Society
Lendlease partners with Cornell University’s Phillip Payton Society, the largest student run HBCU real estate case study competition. We sponsor a team that is a part of this competition and provide mentorship opportunities to the participants.

Aligned with our social focus to promote economic prosperity within our Sustainability Framework, Lendlease is working with HIRE360, non-profit organization, to help create employment pathways for untapped communities in the construction trades

Lendlease does not provide services in kind or grants to charities, organizations or causes that advocate, support, or practice activities inconsistent with Lendlease’s non-discrimination policies, whether based on race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, age or status as a protected veteran.