We focus on maintaining the health and wellbeing of our people

A place that cares about people

We aim to improve our people’s lives by creating a workplace where they thrive and are more productive because they’re supported by a place that cares.

Our approach

Our Global Minimum Requirements Framework (GMRs) sets out the minimum environment, health and safety standards designed to control risks associated with our operations. Our GMRs apply to the entire lifecycle of a project – even before we decide if we’re going to bid for that job.

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GMR 0 outlines the requirements of Group, regions and business units in the areas of governance, assurance, reporting and performance management.

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GMR 1 is focused on investment requirements and the assessment of new work and investment opportunities in identifying EH&S risks that can directly or indirectly impact health and safety outcomes in delivery.

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Design and planning

GMR 2 outlines the mandatory design controls aimed at eliminating fatal risks through effective planning, design and procurement.

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GMR 3 focuses on establishing locations and places that care, including minimum requirements for welfare and accommodation facilities, appropriate working hours and more broadly how personal injury risks and high likelihood, low impact events will be managed by the operations team.

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GMR 4 addresses the mandatory controls and performance standards aimed at eliminating fatal risks across GMR risk events that could result in single or multiple fatalities.

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