William – EH&S Specialist

William started as a temp, October 25, 1996. He worked as a temp for four years, before gaining full-time employment as an Administrative Assistant at the Morgan Stanley Children’s Hospital of New York-Presbyterian, in September, 2000.


“Both experience and new blood gives me the motivation to learn more and share that experience with those I come across, within the industry and personally.”


William has been part of a number of projects during his many years of service with our company. One of his proudest moments was when he communicated the importance and necessity of fire safety to over 600 workers. “Communicating, teaching, and making them more knowledgeable in their field of work is better than just telling someone they are doing their work wrong,” William said.

Where’s William now?
William is currently working on the Mount Sinai West Surgical Suite Expansion project. As an EH&S Specialist/Assistant Superintendent, his day-to-day responsibilities include: reviewing and signing off Hot Work Permits for operations throughout the 17-acre job site, ensuring all fire extinguishers are inspected and operational, notifying personnel of stair closures, ensuring the standpipe is in good condition and free of debris. William works with and communicates with everyone from the Site Safety Manager to the Senior Management and Construction, Demolition, Abatement Inspectors (CDA).