We are committed to better understanding customers’ needs and improving their experience with Lendlease. To support this goal, in FY18 we started measuring customer satisfaction (CSAT) and advocacy (NPS) across Lendlease globally.

This involved each region incorporating standardised CSAT and NPS questions in all local customer experience research conducted throughout the year.

More than 21,000 government, business and consumer customers were surveyed throughout the year. There were some consistent themes, with the main drivers of satisfaction strongly dependent on the quality of key relationships and the customer service touchpoint experience.


These are the customers that we engage with every day, so that we can continue to create the better places.

Diversity & Inclusion

Our focus on diversity and inclusion starts in the way we hire, so that our workforce represents the diversity in society, and runs through our programs so our people are included and have a voice.

Health & Safety

Everyone has the right to go home safely. We remain committed to the health and safety of our people, our subcontractors, and all of those who interact with a Lendlease place.


We pride ourselves on reaching industry firsts – not just because they’re milestones, but because they’re signals that we’re pushing ourselves for new and better outcomes for people and the planet.