Lendlease teamed up with the NSW government, subcontractors and construction workers to bring BSX to life and achieve the positive legacy we committed to when Lendlease was awarded the Barangaroo South project in 2009.

Rob Deck, Managing Director Barangaroo South, said “We are extremely proud to be delivering Barangaroo South and are fortunate to be working with our fantastic partner TAFE NSW on the award winning Barangaroo Skills Exchange.

“The Barangaroo Skills Exchange is not only positively impacting individuals, particularly through increased literacy and numeracy skills and our apprentice mentoring programs, it’s also having a very tangible social and economic impact on the wider industry.

“This research demonstrates a compelling business case for our business and the industry as a whole to invest in similar onsite training facilities. We are already rolling out the BSX model across many of our other projects, including our Darling Square project in Sydney.”

The Barangaroo Skills Exchange offers on site skilling and training in the areas of: literacy and numeracy support; construction trades and skill sets; safety leadership; basic digital literacy; apprentice mentoring; skills assessment and gap training for mature aged workers.

The Social Return on Investment BSX Summary Highlights Report observed higher than industry average pass rates. An Apprentice site worker said, “The BSX has transitioned myself (me) from an inexperienced first year apprentice to a second year full of confidence and experience”.