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Life Science

Established in 1986, the Life Science business unit is centrally positioned to service clients with technically challenging project needs within its geographical service area, which includes New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Massachusetts and their surrounding regions.

Continuously exceeding clients' expectations and meeting the challenges and demands of the business through the talents of exceptional staff and technical expertise, the Lendlease Life Science office provides customized project/construction management and consulting services, delivering projects in a cost efficient and timely manner while setting benchmark standards in quality.

Lendlease has built partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies that have resulted in over 15 million square feet, totaling 1,000+ projects compiled of research & development, laboratory, biotechnology, and manufacturing facilities across the nation.  

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Lendlease manages the evolution of on-site and off-site campus strategies and constructs a broad array of technically complex projects for both major pharmaceutical companies and academic medical centers (commercial and institutional clients).

Lendlease delivers safe, sustainable, innovative solutions with profitable results for our clients while remaining responsive to the evolving Life Sciences industry. We have built partnerships with leading pharmaceutical companies and academic medical centers for over four decades, bringing a collaborative approach to design and execution. This has resulted in the completion of thousands of research & development, clinical, biotechnology, laboratory, pharmaceutical, and manufacturing projects across the world in all major Life Science clusters.

The success and vibrancy of our portfolio of completed projects is testament to our capability. Lendlease projects have earned prestigious awards including 2021 ENR’s Best Project Winner in the Manufacturing Category for Pfizer Plasmid DNA – Suites GH in Andover, Massachusetts, ISPE’s 2020 Facility of the Year award for our Clinical Manufacturing Facility also in Andover, Massachusetts, and ENR’s Best Project Winner in the Higher Education/Research Category for Lendlease’s Jerome L. Greene Science Center at Columbia University.

Our Life Science business continues to transform and lead in the global market. We understand and realize that our business will change as it faces digital disruption along with social change, geo-political shifts, and new competitors.

We are a tech-forward company that utilizes several disruptive technology and software systems across key projects. We use our expertise in sensors, artificial intelligence, target value delivery, virtually reality, lean, and VDC to name a few, to accelerate and automate traditional design, production and operational processes.