We combine industry experience, capital and our rapid deployment process to provide turnkey build-to-suit site development services. We design, zone, construct, own, lease and operate telecommunications towers nationwide for major carriers and regional wireless service providers. Custom build-to-suit structures allow our tenants to provide pinpoint coverage and fresh capacity on modern structures that scale with changing technology and business needs. For more information on our build-to-suit development services, contact your regional representative.


We operate a nationwide tower portfolio of more than 1,000 collocatable towers, with hundreds more in development at any given moment. We strive to make collocation an efficient process that provides our carrier partners with a fast, flexible and reliable path to coverage. To inquire about how our existing portfolio can enhance your network, contact your regional representative.

Tower Acquisition

We are constantly adding to our portfolio of collocatable towers. While we do this through our build-to-suit program, we also purchase and manage existing tower structures. We have a reputation for being both fair and creative with sellers to derive maximum and mutual value. If you have an existing communications tower that you would like us to consider acquiring, contact your regional representative.

Right-of-Way Properties

We have unparalleled expertise developing and operating towers within challenging locations, including active railroad rights-of-way. Class 1, Regional and Short Line railroads throughout the United States have all entrusted us to market and develop telecom towers alongside their tracks. Collectively, we currently have access to over 65,000 miles of domestic rail right of way. To find out if one of these rail lines may solve your network needs, contact your regional representative.

Operating telecommunications infrastructure is a partnership between property owners, infrastructure developers and communication service providers, and all parties need to benefit. We have a rich heritage of working with land owners, building owners and current tower owners to realize significant income from underutilized assets by leveraging them for telecommunications development. We specialize in long-term recurring revenue deal structures that are mutually beneficial to all parties. If you have land that you believe is appropriate for tower development or a building rooftop upon which a carrier may be able to install antennas, contact your regional representative.

Our core capabilities are reflected in our operating segments of Development, Construction and Investments. Integrating these capabilities across our property and infrastructure platform allows us to offer innovative public private partnership solutions for government entities across the world. In partnership with the United States Department of Defense, we own, operate, develop, build and maintain more than 40,000 homes and over 12,000 hotel rooms. Access to this large-scale property portfolio and others like it provide us the opportunity to incorporate value added telecommunications solutions, including towers, WIFI, DAS, Small Cells and other technology infrastructure.

Being an international provider of technology infrastructure for wireless network carriers and technology companies with access to real estate, funds and expertise, we are at the forefront of innovation. In order to help our clients meet their future needs, we research and are capable of deploying emerging technologies and business models driven by shared economy, mobility and digitization, including but not limited to, sensors, connectivity, faster data processing, robots, drones and wearables.

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