Lendlease is fully committed to returning ferry service as quickly and safely as possible. Due to the length of the permitting process, and a moratorium on in-water construction in place by NYS Department of Environmental Conservation that ends May 2022, construction cannot commence until late May, 2022 and will last 4-6 weeks. At the completion of construction ferry service will be restored, which is anticipated to be the end of June 2022. The India Street Pier itself remains open and available to the public.

What happened?
On May 23, it was observed that there was an issue with shifting piles on the floating ferry landing connected to India Street Pier. Lendlease immediately initiated the closing and removal of the ferry landing for assessment, as it was a clear danger to the public. For the safety of our passengers and crews, it was clear that the ferry landing and supports needed to be rebuilt to be sustainable for the long term as well as operational as soon as possible. We are committed to doing just that.

What progress has been made? 
To date we have completed three key milestones in our four-step process: 
1.     The investigation into the damaged piles is finished 
2.     The preliminary engineering design process has completed 
3.     The permitting process has commenced 

What happens next?
Lendlease has partnered with New York City Economic Development Corporation and the NYC Ferry operator to complete this process as efficiently and as responsibly as possible. We are also in regular communication with local officials so they understand the work we are doing, why we are doing it, and so they can help, where possible, expedite certain parts of the process.  
Our four-step process includes:

1.     Investigation (complete):
2.     Engineering (complete) 
3.     Permitting (in progress): Obtain environmental and construction permits through three separate agencies: NYS Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC), US Army Corps of Engineers (ACOE), and NYC Small Business Services (SBS). We anticipate this process may take six to nine months. We are working with these agencies to expedite this process as much as possible.  
4.       Construction: Prepare construction documents, send bid to marine contractors, fabricate piles and complete construction on site. We are working with DEC to mitigate the impact of any construction, regardless of commencement date.  
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