Disruptive technologies and impact on property industry

By harnessing innovative and emerging digital technology we can dynamically respond to individual and asset needs. This will allow residents to monitor the performance of their homes, and our building managers to adjust the way our building can operate to cater to peak needs when this is required.

Lendlease is focused on leveraging disruptive technologies to unlock value across four key areas:
  1. Improved customer experiences, productivity, safety, health and wellbeing. 
  2. Enhanced operational efficiency, sustainability and reduced lifecycle costs for assets. 
  3. Increased asset value and new sustainable revenue streams through the creation of new products and services. 
  4. Improved and accelerated design and construction processes.

Lendlease is already embracing disruptive technologies to improve the performance and sustainability of its assets.
  • International Towers Sydney, Barangaroo – Intelligent software platform and real time 3D visualisation enabling improved building performance, operational transparency and efficiencies. 
  • Lendlease Communities, Yarrabilba (QLD) – A living lab that includes multiple Internet of Things (IoT) sensors and devices improving water consumption, energy consumption, safety and resident information.
  • Lendlease Retail – Artificial intelligence and advanced analytics software platform improving energy consumption whilst enabling condition based and predictive maintenance for retail assets. 
  • Alkimos Beach (WA) Battery Storage – Community trial is underway to demonstrate the benefits that can be unlocked from building sustainable energy solutions into our projects.


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