Gateway cities

Relative to their national average, gateway cities typically experience higher population growth; have the most appealing employment prospects; are more resilient through property and economic cycles; and attract more global investment capital. 

Playing to the breadth of our skills,  these cities often contain sites well suited to regeneration and  infrastructure upgrades. 

To identify the cities most relevant to our strategy and capabilities, we periodically undertake an extensive global study, evaluating key metrics including economic, business climate, geopolitical risks, urbanisation potential and capital market indicators. 

We also evaluate global cities on additional metrics such as demographics, demand drivers, property fundamentals, unique attributes, policy and planning frameworks and Lendlease’s presence in a market.

Wherever we operate, our business operations must comply with our robust safety and sustainability standards. Attracting the right teams with the appropriate capabilities to deliver on our pipeline is also a key consideration of the cities we choose to target. 

This process identified an initial 15 gateway cities for our urbanisation platform to target. Today, we operate in 14 of these 15 gateway cities. Major urbanisation projects have been secured in ten of these cities.