Workplace of the future

Lendlease’s approach to creating the best workplaces starts with listening and observing, and only then creating. The Lendlease workplace team has recorded nearly 2 million unique observations over the last three years on interior space utilisation.

Our extensive experience in creating modern and adaptive workplaces over the last 10 years has taught us that the best places to work are an interplay of factors, including location, the amenity and its technology capabilities, its surrounds and human touch points.

Many of Lendlease’s workplaces, including our flagship headquarters at Barangaroo, in Sydney, showcase our abilities in creating workplaces that support purposeful interactions, inspire greater collaboration, promote a sense of belonging and encourage greater health and wellness.

Lendlease continues to raise the bar by delivering internationally recognised workplaces both for itself and external clients including CBA, Westpac, Telstra, Google and Amgen. In fact, CBA and Westpac have both won industry awards, in recognition of workplaces created by Lendlease.   


Our workplace is an investment in Lendlease, our people and our future.

Workplaces within our Barangaroo headquarters give our people options, including spaces to think and reflect, connect, collaborate and innovate. Everyone has a 'neighbourhood' – a place where they belong with their team, providing social cohesion. And every day our people can choose where they work, depending on the type of work they need to do. This is team based working, the first of its kind.

Our workplaces also encourage healthier choices – with more ways for people to move around, work standing, enjoy more natural light and even take the stairs instead of lifts to move between floors. Barangaroo is a showcase of who we are, what we do and how we do it.

Lendlease’s Barangaroo workplace has ranked in the top 6 per cent of workplaces surveyed globally for workplace design, functionality and effectiveness, earning the Leesman+ accreditation* for exceptional performance in workplace design, delivery, management and operational effectiveness.

Our Barangaroo workplace achieved an overall workplace effectiveness (Lmi*) score of 74.1, 13 points above the Leesman average of workplaces surveyed globally.  This score ranks us in the top 6 per cent, or one of only 44 companies, to earn the Leesman+ accreditation.

*The Leesman Index is the largest independent collection of workplace effectiveness data in the world. It provides us with the opportunity to not only measure performance, but push benchmarks and industry standards.

Other highlights include:
  • More than 92 per cent of our people are proud to bring visitors to our workplace, compared to the Leesman benchmark of 50.9 per cent.
  • Over 73 per cent of people feel the workplace enables them to work productively, exceeding the Leesman benchmark of 56.7 per cent. 
  • Over 94 per cent of people said the design of the workplace was important to them.  
  • Over 88 per cent of people believe the culture of Lendlease is supportive to working in a mobile/flexible way and the technology, tools and infrastructure enable this. 

Figures correct as at May 2017.

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