Lakeshore East Image
Chicago, Illinois, United States

Lakeshore East

Lendlease partnered with Magellan Development Group, a Chicago residential developer, to develop a four-acre parcel of land situated at the intersection of the Chicago River and Lake Michigan.

Lakeshore East

Lakeshore East

Chicago, Illinois, United States

2022: Cirrus
2021: Cascade

Cirrus - 842,404 square feet, Cascade - 742,467 square feet

Investments, Development, Construction

bKL Architecture

As at 30 Jun 2023. Estimated project value, details and completion date reported in Lendlease Full Year Results, 30 June 2023. Figures in AUD.

Project vision

Considered the crown jewel of Chicago's Lakeshore East neighborhood, the site was programmed for a mixed-use masterplan development with three high-rise towers.

Phase I of the development has been completed. Buildings J (Cirrus) opened in the Spring of 2022 and KL (Cascade) opened in the Summer of 2021, condominium and rental apartment towers, respectively. Phase 2 includes a high-rise residential tower and is in pre-development.

Cirrus: Offering impressive east-facing views of DuSable harbor, Navy Pier, and Lake Michigan, Cirrus is a 47-story tower with 350 luxury condominiums. In addition to the shared amenity space in the podium, Cirrus shares a private outdoor pool with Building I (Phase II) and has a private amenity space on level 41 that includes rentable media areas, an outdoor deck, game room, lounge areas and a chefs kitchen. Cirrus also includes parking for 365 vehicles.

Cascade: With views north towards the Chicago River as well as east towards Lake Michigan, Cascade offers 503 luxury apartment units in a tower that is 37 stories tall. In addition to the shared amenity space and lobby level amenities, Cascade also has a private amenity space on Level 32 that includes a large, fully furnished outdoor deck complete with grills, a show kitchen, an indoor media room, and study rooms. Cascade also includes parking for 182 vehicles.


  • Cirrus, Cascade and Cascade Park, 2023 Chicago Building Congress, Residential/Hospitality, Merit Award
  • Cirrus and Cascade, 2023 Private Project of the Year, Hispanic American Construction Industry Association
  • Cascade, 2022 Gold Award, Best Development & Design, Multi-Housing News
  • Cascade, 2022 Gold Award, Best Amenities, Multi-Housing News
  • Cirrus, 2022 Development of the Year, Chicago Agent Magazine
  • Cascade Park, 2022 Best Urban Design, Fast Company



Cirrus and Cascade:
Fitwel Certification

ActiveScore, Platinum

ActiveScore, Gold

All buildings:
LEED Gold (targeted)
Fitwel Certification (targeted)


  • Cirrus and Cascade achieved LEED Gold Ratings and Fitwel certification for their commitment to environmental sustainability as well as health and wellbeing for residents.
  • Green roofs with flower gardens are used to mitigate the urban heat island effect. Urban agricultural program in partnership with The Roof Crop, through which fresh flowers and produce are grown and harvested from the rooftop of Cascade.
  • The creation of Cascade Park, whose vegetation supports native flora and fauna, provides around 3,000sqm of public open space, featuring lush landscaping, passive wellness features, meandering pathways, outdoor living rooms for recreational space, terrace seating and a public dog park, with furnishings made partially from recycled content.
  • More than 20% of Lakeshore East’s building materials contain recycled material and are regionally supplied, including a locally focused procurement program dedicated to supplier diversity aims, to support Chicago’s Hire Diverse Workforce requirements for construction. 85% of construction waste has been diverted from landfill for reuse.
  • Facade elements designed to reduce migratory bird collisions.
  • Art installation in the mailroom, located at the center of the shared amenity hub, from Andrea Jablonski, a multidisciplinary artist who recycles commercial materials to fabricate enlivened works of sustainable art. For the piece at Cirrus and Cascade, Jablonski used recycled cardboard to create the curving swirling composition of organic forms.
  • The construction of Cirrus and Cascade were delivered using renewable grid energy during construction, and the design of both buildings allow for a 38% reduction in energy use compared to buildings of a similar typology.
  • 5% of parking spaces dedicated for electric vehicle charging via EverCharge.
  • ENERGY STAR certification 12 months after achieving 80% occupancy. ENERGY STAR buildings perform in the top quartile of all buildings in the nation per their asset type. Cirrus and Cascade are targeting ENERGY STAR certification through the installation of only ENERGY STAR-certified appliances, a high-performance building envelope for increased energy efficiency, on-site electricity generation via regenerative drive elevators, high-efficiency LED lighting technology and controls throughout the buildings, and energy-efficient thermal comfort controls throughout the buildings.
  • Runoff mitigation at Cascade Park addressed through terraced design, plantings, geofoam drainage layers, and swales used to capture and recycle stormwater, which is then used in the drip irrigation system.