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Fairbanks and Delta Junction, Alaska, United States

North Haven Communities

North Haven Communities LLC (North Haven) is a partnership between Lendlease and the U.S. Army that has financed, developed, designed, and constructed 368 new homes and renovated 189 existing homes at Fort Wainwright in Fairbanks and Fort Greely in Delta Junction. North Haven also is responsible for ongoing property and maintenance management of the housing asset through 2057.

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North Haven Communities

Partner: US Army

Fairbanks and Delta Junction, Alaska, United States


Owner, Developer, Design Builder, Asset Manager

Project vision

Since Wainwright and Greely see just hours of daylight during the winter months, special attention has been given to interior home design to help counter any potential effects of seasonal affective disorder. Home features include the use of bright colors, natural lighting, full-spectrum lighting in bathrooms and kitchens, and spacious living areas.