Pfizer Plasmid DNA Suites GH Image
Andover, Massachusetts, United States

Pfizer Plasmid DNA Suites GH

The Pfizer Plasmid DNA Suites GH project was a full gut/rebuild of existing pharmaceutical manufacturing suite located within a 1974 building, originally constructed for lab/office use. It is now one of the worlds largest Plasmid DNA Production Facility used to support the manufacture of Pfizers Gene Therapy and mRNA vaccine portfolio.

Pfizer Plasmid DNA Suites GH

Pfizer Inc.

Andover, Massachusetts United States


40,000 square feet

Construction Management, Cost Plus

Project outcome

CRB designed the 40,000 gross square foot cGMP (Current Good Manufacturing Practice), fully automated, hard piped manufacturing facility (Suite GH) with full upstream and downstream capabilities.

The work performed was done within a landlocked location, with no disruption to a fully operational manufacturing facility adjacent to the project site. Work completed included the removal of floor slab to reconfigure existing utilities, the addition of new services: process controls, HVAC, piping, duct work, and process piping as well as the adjustment of structural framing and installation of new framing to create the necessary 18-foot high bay areas to accommodate the height of the new vessels.

Due to the need for deep pit excavations, soil retention systems were required. Extensive double containment pipe was installed under the slab and numerous tie-ins were performed to existing active utility distribution systems. Additionally, stainless steel and pneumatic control tubing was installed.

As of January 2021, the facility was complete and in full production, just three weeks after project completion.