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Multiple Locations, United States

Soaring Heights Communities

Soaring Heights Communities (SHC) is spread across two southwestern states and are located at two Air Force Bases, Davis-Monthan AFB, Arizona, and Holloman AFB, New Mexico. Lendlease's community’s business was selected as the partner for the U.S. Air Force to develop, manage, and maintain family housing in July 2006. Nestled among the desert terrain, Soaring Heights (SH) neighborhoods include pedestrian-friendly streets, spacious community centers, and other amenities focused on improving Military Families' lives.

Project at a glance

Soaring Heights Communities

Partner: US Air Force 

United States


Owner, Developer, Design Builder, Asset Manager

Project vision

To provide outstanding communities where military families live, work and thrive.

3.5 Million Square Feet of Real Estate with 2,218 Homes and 3,230+ residents:
Davis Monthan Air Force Base – 1,159
Holloman Air Force Base – 1,059

Construction Complete:

  • 960+ new homes constructed
  • 570+ renovated homes 
  • 2 community centers 
  • 2 dog parks 
  • 9 playgrounds

Ongoing development and Community Upgrade Efforts:

  • 222 Home renovations have been completed to-date
  • Opening up floor plans to create a more modern living space
  • Updated/modernized appliances
  • LED lights
  • Granite countertops
  • Exterior painting upgrades
  • Modernized vinyl fencing for curb appeal and yard security
  • Safety screens being installed on 2-story homes
  • In the process of upgrading HVAC units to modernized and efficient standards
  • Pickleball courts coming soon!


Project outcome

A Lendlease community is about more than the houses we provide. It is about giving a community living experience that improves service members' and families' quality of life. At SHC, we offer several resident-focused programs and events to help us do just that.

Community Services and Amenities Include:

  • Utilities Included
  • On-Site Maintenance
  • Seasonal front/ side lawn care
  • Trash and recycling pick-up
  • Two community centers
  • 16 Playgrounds & Kids Parks
  • Pet Smart Dog Parks
  • 5 Basketball courts
  • 2 Dog Parks
  • Walking & Bike paths
  • 3 Splash Parks
  • Multi-Use Park (Basketball/Hockey Rink)
  • Multi-Purpose Room
“Maintenance is quick every time we need something done! They are very respectful and get the job done right. I am very happy with the hard work they put into making Soaring Heights such a nice place to live!
- Alexandra G, Soaring Heights Community Resident