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Nature & Biodiversity
A core focus of our Sustainability Framework

Nature is one of six focus areas in our global Sustainability Framework. As expressed in our Sustainability Framework, we recognise the finite nature of our planet and its resources, and actively advocate for a healthy planet and healthy people.

Through the sustainable design, delivery and operation of the places we create, we are focused on protecting and restoring the natural environment, conserving natural resources, sourcing sustainable materials, as well as eliminating waste, pollution and carbon emissions.

In addition to the guidance provided by our Sustainability Framework, nature-related decisions are managed through our Risk Management Framework, which sets the boundaries for our activities. Our environmental commitments are described in our Sustainability Policy and our environmental compliance requirements are embedded in our Environment, Health & Safety Global Minimum Requirements.  Our Lendlease ESG Databook provides an overview of our material environmental topics, including related public policies, datasets and governance oversight. 

Our planet is experiencing a decline in nature Image

Our planet is experiencing a decline in nature

The world is experiencing an accelerating loss of biodiversity due to human activity, with nearly one million plant and animal species at the point of extinction.1
A global response is required to protect nature and we acknowledge the commitments made by more than 200 countries in adopting the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework at COP-15.

We want to better understand the role we can play Image

We want to better understand the role we can play

In response to the scale of the nature crisis and the need for global action, we are undertaking a Nature & Biodiversity strategic review. The purpose of the review is to better understand the ways in which our business activities impact and depend on nature, along with the opportunities we have to enhance nature and slow down biodiversity loss.

So we can contribute to the health and resilience of nature Image

So we can contribute to the health and resilience of nature

As an international integrated real estate organisation, we recognise our investment, development and construction activities can contribute to local protection and restoration of nature. While we have a significant track record of delivering sustainable outcomes in the built environment, we know there is still more to learn and improvements we can make.  

We are starting with the TNFD LEAP Approach Image

We are starting with the TNFD LEAP Approach

To identify how our business activities interface with nature we will be using elements of the Taskforce for Nature-related Financial Disclosures (TNFD) LEAP approach, leveraging our experience with the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures framework. With this deeper understanding we will be better placed to integrate nature and biodiversity into our future decision making. We have also joined TNFD as a Forum Member.

We will share our insights as we progress on the journey

Our global Nature & Biodiversity strategic review includes these four key steps. We completed Step 1 during FY23, interviewing representatives from more than 70 organisations globally. We also engaged with more than 200 of our people across our four regions through interviews and surveys. We will provide an update on the progress of our strategic review in our FY24 Annual Report.

Our work to protect and restore the natural environment continues

We explore nature-related risks and opportunities as we develop Sustainability Plans for each project or asset. Our commitment to protect and restore the natural environment has contributed to the success of many of our landmark projects and precincts.

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